Thursday, December 11, 2008

Green Queen

Last week I managed to stamp a huge carbon footprint in an effort to encourage people to divert their used plastic water bottles into the recycling stream. I wonder if the extra 80 miles of travel in my Prius at 50 mpg to acquire trash receptacles with recycle symbols on them was balanced out by the three bags of bottles and cardboard I rescued from the landfill? Doubtful. But at least I tried, and perhaps I raised the consciousness of the 400+ people attending the event at which I proudly served as "waste management coordinator." At the very least, I figure I've earned a few good karma vibes. See them all whirling around me?

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Belladonna said...

While hiking on Mt. Sinai it absolutely broke my heart to see how many plastic water bottles had been discarded all over that sacred wilderness by thoughtless travelers. What ever happened to pack it in, pack it out?

When I am out geocaching I often leave a plastic easter egg with a trash bag inside it so my fello cachers can practice a bit of CITO: Cache In / Trash Out.