Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Gold Room

No matter what sort of winter rains or not have blessed the land, Palo Verdes are reliable bloomers during late spring, creating drifts of dried flowers along trails and roadsides. Every spring I like to visit the “gold room” of a blooming Palo Verde. If you aren’t spooked by bees, sitting inside the yellow cloud of a Palo Verde is a multi-sensory treat. The golden canopy hums with bees, bathing you in yellow light and the sweet scent of nectar. Looking up through green branches to the blue sky is like looking through a stained glass window, a kaleidoscope of glowing color.

In honor of the Palo Verde, my son has formed a new club: The Gold Club. Our meeting house is beneath the canopy of a Palo Verde where the branches drape to the ground. Our mission: to find gold wherever we go. That can be in the rocks, or a beehive, or bright yellow flowers, or the sun. Anything gold is our quest to find and enjoy. It's a great club! Wanna join?

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Amber said...

Count me in! So incredibly beautiful that hue. I painted my office a similar color and although it was initially a bit shocking, I've grown to love the warmth and stimulation it provides.