Thursday, August 21, 2014


Earlier this year, back in February, I visited a favorite toad-spotting area along Skunk Creek wash. Things were looking pretty crispy then. 

About two weeks ago, on August 12th, I stopped by again to check on the toads, because we had a big rain in late July. The place was loaded with tadpoles and other critters!

On Tuesday this week, Skunk Creek flashed and cleaned out this tank, demolishing the vegetation and flushing out mud and debris that had collected there over the years. Any tadpoles that were there were taken on a wild ride downstream.

This didn't seem to bother the toads there though. When I arrived the morning after the storm, the first thing I heard was a male red-spotted toad calling. All over the muddy swales below the tank, there were toad tracks, evidence of a very busy night before! Soon, there will be a brand new crop of tadpoles!

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